It was great working with you guys .. It was a pleasure to be a part of VMall this year .. Hope our bond continues each passing year ??

Aditi from E-Clat ( At UTSAV )

Thank You so much for all your help today at the International fair !! Much much appreciated!


Parampara on 23rd April@ Singapore Swimming Club
Thank you ladies for giving me a chance to sell BCT products. It was a lovely event- so well organised. Well done. Look forward to participating in more of your events...


On behalf of neetta home decor me neetu daryani would like to sincerly thank the VMALL and the team of hard working ladies who worked behind it with full zest till the last minute.Very well organised bazaar,On time,Good fun,Good crowd,And Good variety of thigns with reasonably priced...I sure enjoyed as my friends also plus got a chance to meet newer people wiht newer products and its simply was fun with dj boosting the moods of people,with good food not to forget as my son and me enjoyed the simple menu on the list..On the whole a wholesome bazaar.Now u girls and put ur feet up relax and have good massage want a massage lady i know of one form jakarta who did to me for 1 and half hor priced at 30 dlrs damn good...ha ha but sincerly i am sure like me alot of people must have gone home happy.Must say i was pretty inspired by Protasahan my next door vendor..Its nice if a charity bazaar is organised whereby we can also contribute part of our sales on that day just a suggetion...keep up the good work looking forward for the next one in september..till then all the best sayo nara...


Before i forget I must add 2 bit to this that all u girls never got tired of attending all the vendors humbly,smilingly,till the last wee hours...kudos so keep up like this

Neetu anup daryani, (neetta Home Decor)

Thanks for the lovely response at SSC today. I feel happy that handwork is appreciated and the day was great . Went by real fast . Thanks a lot to Veena and pamposh and the organisers

Vidya Mecheri

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